CAS35WG - IMT Compressor, Welder, Generator

The IMT CAS35WG is a compact, hydraulic compressor/welder/generator designed to increase productivity and decrease vehicle weight, and the unit is a perfect complement to the IMT Dominator® mechanics truck. Combining the compressor, welder and generator into one unit provides a savings on service costs and reduces vehicle weight.

* Power Source: Hydraulic system
* Size: 24"W x 47.75"L x 20.62"H
* Weight (wet) 500 lb
* CompressorRated Capacity: 35 cfm
* Max. Compressor Operating Pressure: 100 psi
* Ambient Operating Temperature: 0° – 120° F
* Welder/Generator Welding Current: 250 amps DC
* Strike Voltage: 90 volts
* Duty Cycle: 250 amps @ 85%
* Generator Output: 5 kW @ 7 hp
* Hydraulic SystemHydraulic Flow Required (comp & welder/gen): 10/16 gpm
* Normal Hydraulic Operating Pressure (comp & welder/gen):1850/2050 psi
* Max. Hydraulic Operating Pressure: 2400 psi (165.5 bar)
* Hydraulic Oil Cooler: Integrated
* Hydraulic Oil Reservoir*: Min. 30 gal

*An auxiliary hydraulic oil cooler is recommended for use on hydraulic systems that are operating multiple pieces of equipment, such as a hydraulic crane and air compressor simultaneously.

For more information see IMT CAS35WG brochure.